A Quick Household Tip

Photo credit: Gratisography

In the spirit of battling the busy weeks ahead, here’s how we keep our house clean! 

It’s not super exciting, but it helps us keep the pet hair from colonizing under the couch and around the baseboards.


For those with kids, I’m sure this gets a lot more complex, especially in the laundry department, but this is a solution that works well for the two of us. And, yes, we probably should clean the bathrooms more often, but we work most of the day and hardly use ours. Oh, and we reserve the right to spot clean any of these at any other point during the week if they start to look science project-ish. 😉

It’s also a team effort. I usually do a lot of the kitchen stuff (I get home earlier than he does, and I genuinely enjoy cooking.), while Ethan takes care of the yard and a lot of the floor stuff. We also do our own laundry and share towel and linen duty. Sometimes we bicker about house stuff, especially if one of us slacks off (me), but we’re a lot better about it when we remember that we’re a partnership.

Do you have any time-saving tips?


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