Gratitudes: January 1-7, 2017

Water frozen on my succulents. — It was 22 degrees outside in Houston this morning. A rarity! I didn’t even think about my poor plants.

It’s been a crazy week back to work! I was super busy and neglected my blog-posting duties. Oops! Here’s what I was thankful for this week…

  1. I’ve got a job that I love and that brings me immense satisfaction. I felt incredibly accomplished this week, as I introduced Julius Caesar to one group and A Tale of Two Cities to another, both with awesome conversations between me and my students, which I consider a huge success. (It’s all about getting them talking!)
  2. I’ve got a husband who will bravely comb lice out of my hair (Teacher life… Before Christmas, I hugged a kid who was unknowingly hiding a couple of stowaways.), while telling me over and over that I’m not gross (even though I kept crying and insisting that I was) and that anyone can get it and that it’s not my fault. I love this man so much.
  3. I’ve got two puppies will love on me because I’m crying, even though they have no earthly idea why…
  4. I’ve got an awesome mother who calls me multiple times in one night to “see how things are going” when I call crying because I found out I had lice and to listen to me vent. Thanks, Mom. 🙂
  5. I’ve got a really, really, really, really, really, really clean home. (This was the ridiculously deep cleaning I tried and failed to accomplish the week before I went back to work. Done in two nights!)
  6. I fell off the diet and workout plan the night this happened (we ate cheeseburgers after we deloused the house), but I found an awesome breakfast recipe that keeps me full all morning and definitely meets the requirements of the plan! Breakfast has been 100% successful all week.
  7. I learned that even the best laid plans will fall apart at some point, but I also learned that it’s about finding the successes in the failures.
  8. I started teaching A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens this week! We spent two days deconstructing Chapter One (“The Period”), and the kids got really into it! My favorite initial comeback after one of them inevitably said, “Well, why couldn’t he have just said it that way in the first place?” was always, “Because it’s Dickens.” We had a lot of laughs this week. 🙂 (My favorite question all week: “Is the fact that my book is printed upside down and backwards a metaphor for how this story is upside down and backwards?”)
  9. I announced to my classes that I would be out for jury duty on Monday (My first time! Any tips?), and they made me laugh every time. (“Do you think you’ll be on a murder trial?” “My dad just tears up his jury paper thingy. You should do the same. You wouldn’t have to go!” “I thought only old people had to do that.” “You should make yourself look like a teacher. (?) They don’t like teachers.”)
  10. I actually got to talk to my sister this week, and I get to see her today! We’re having a girls day to celebrate her upcoming birthday. Manicures and pedicures! La La Land! Rummikub! (Her birthday gift… arriving on her birthday. Kristen, no peeking!) (My aunt’s gifts — their birthday is the same day — this because it’s fun and this because we talk about it all the time now.)

Here’s to the next attempt! I hope your week has been a little less crazy than mine.

So, tell me, what are you grateful for this week?


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